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Building Stones


At WM. McAuliffe Ltd. we have a choice of building stone so you can get the look you want. Stone can vary in colour depending on where it originates. The beauty with natural stone is that colours in the stone will always vary therefore no two pieces of stone will be the same. All of our building stone is produced to the highest standard and screened for quality. For your convenience, we deliver to customers based throughout the Munster area or, alternatively, you can collect your stone directly from our quarry.

Below are samples of our building stone in different styles of building. The stones can be bought from stock or cut to order depending on the style of building and the size of the stones required.

building stone

Benefits of Building Stone

Aesthetics: stone gains a lot of its popularity due to its aesthetic value, creating visually stunning structures. For those seeking a timeless look, building stone is the way to go.
Durability: stone is an extremely durable material; it is weather-proof, insect-proof, resistant to wear and requires very little maintenance.
Variety: building stone is available in a variety of styles, colours and sizes, allowing for greater design flexibility when creating your project.
Value: properly installed stone is a great way to add value to your home.

Kilmeedy Cream & Brown Stones

Kilmeedy Red Stones

Kilmeedy Red & Cream Stones

Kilmeedy Limestones

Kilmeedy Brown Stones

For more information on our range of building stones, please contact us.

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