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Crushed Stones


WM. McAuliffe Ltd. supplies a comprehensive range of high-quality crushed stone and shale products, all of which have the relevant CE mark. Out crushed limestone, sandstone and shale products are suitable for a variety of applications, including groundworks, road surfacing and more. We have over two decades of experience in the stone industry and pride ourselves on the quality of our crushed stone products, all of which undergo stringent testing before they are sold to ensure they are up to standard.

Whether you are a local builder or a major developer, all our customers are valued equally and every effort is made to make your Kilmeedy Stone buying experience a pleasant one. For your convenience, we offer a delivery service to customers based throughout Munster or, alternatively, you can collect your crushed stone directly from our quarry.

We can offer a full range of crushed stones and shale products including :

4-6’’ stone (Limestone or Sandstone)
3’’ Drain Stone (Limestone or Sandstone)
1 1/2’’ Down (Limestone or Sandstone)
Crushed Soft Shale for cow roads
Crusher Run

For more information on our range of crushed limestone, sandstone,
shale and topsoil, please contact us.

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